A nation without the people

Recently, UNICEF made a statistical report, revealing over 400,000 children in IDP camps wallowing in death threatening malnourishment. This compounds the pernicious state of these camps that are supposedly to be a form of safety for displaced persons following the BH insurgence. It is reliably reported that cemeteries are now built in these camps to bury the deceased. Obviously, our government tend to be more interested in its oil exploration in the North East which must have gulped our national resources and might be a factor deploring our foreign reserves.

Pathetically, the recent poor response of the international community to the conditions of these citizens cannot be farfetched from the series of inimical acts reportedly marring the distribution of relief materials to these helpless citizens. More to this has to do with the irrationality of the incumbent government in getting right its priorities and feeble commitment in arresting deploring human conditions in the area. It is gross foolhardy that a government will sing to the international community the structural reconstruction of the North East while the humans to reside in the reconstructed city, take the lowest octave in the rendition.

In the words of Edwin Markham, “in vain we build the city, if we don’t first build the man”. With deep disappointment, I write to these fellows who claim leadership to develop a people oriented conscience and see to it that fellow citizens do not die like chickens in a supposed place of refuge. In my own opinion, any nation who brings to bear safety and developing conditions for its citizens, will never plead them to be patriotic. Patriotism is nothing but a response to a caring nation and its developmental roles can’t just be imagined.

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