A thesis and antithesis of KEMI ADEOSUN

She is undoubtedly a professional, beautiful and has a wonderful command of Queen’s English. I respect her astuteness in the field of accountancy and her speedy growth through British economic administration. Nevertheless, this does not rule out the fact that Kemi’s highest degree is a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Financial Management. Of course, academics are aware that the PGD programme is a quasi 1st degree. The lady has had over 90% of her career within accounting and auditing fields, though with a baccalaureate in Economics (her class of degree is not published anywhere). With her wonderful experience in the A & A fields (respect to her service at PricewaterhouseCoopers), what then must have qualified her for the ministerial position she currently holds? She should have better been an Auditor General. The accountant or auditor is always with the books, whereas the economists goes beyond such in understanding market forces at all levels, as well the utilization of varying dimensions of capital resources. This is the reason why economists will always claim they are policy makers as against the A & A personnel. Hence, Kemi’s lack of knowledge in policy regards is obvious.

Kemi’s first return to Nigeria was in 2011 when she was made the Commissioner of Finance of Ogun State. She started her career in 1989 and for 22 years, she worked in Britain. World economies are dynamic for reasons of the dynamic nature of the humans who are actors. Kemi’s efforts at all levels of play in the economy of Nigeria have consistently proven abortive. This underscores the fact that she is not conversant with the dynamisms of Nigerians and how their idiosyncrasies affect the market, which is way different from the British.

First as commissioner, Kemi left Ogun State in debts of about 109m dollars whilst she left the office in 2015. This implies that Kemi mortgaged the future of that State. As we all know, she is now replicating same at the Federal Government. Nigeria is borrowing its future off to abyss. The debt profile of Nigeria as at 2016 is above 16trillion naira. Should we now say that Kemi’s economic policy is borrow more and when it’s high enough, I will leave, just as she left Ogun State?

Kemi has constantly reiterated that monies borrowed will be spent on infrastructures. She hardly will ever strike the balance between infrastructural growth alongside human capacity development. I am wondering if infrastructures have ever made a nation rich outside of human forces. The humans Kemi only sees are those poor ones who need 5k per month (hilarious). It is on this note that Nigeria is experiencing an increased crime rate and uncontrolled mass obsession for ponzi schemes as antidotes to the machinations of Kemi to reduce everyone to 5k earners.

Lastly, one of the hallmarks of intellectuals is to at least publish couple of research papers or thought provoking articles with well indexed publishing bodies. The office of the Minister of Finance is one for those of enormous erudition, evident in contributions to the knowledge industry.  If you have seen any written by Kemi, do notify me (not newspaper publication). If you don’t know, do get aware that there are couple of them written by her predecessor.

If at this stage, Nigeria keeps deteriorating as a result of square pegs in round holes, then we need not argue the apotheosis of our mediocrity (A structural endemic mediocrity)…

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