An Antithesis of Two Sais…

Mr. President has been away since Jan 19 of this year and is reported to be back by 10th March, 2017. Mr. Buhari has played smart by not commenting on national issues all the while he’s been away and that is noble of him. This implies that he never had any overt influence to the best of our knowledge on Mr. Professor’s governance in acting capacity. Within this dwarf timeframe, Mr. Professor has done enormously well in his approach to State’s issues, which has earned him accolades from the average Nigerian with national morality. It would be no exaggeration to assert that the efforts of the Professor to restore our economy vis-√†-vis issues of social interest in less than 50 days beat what Mr. Buhari was able to do in over 1year and half.

Shortly before Mr. Buhari left the shores of this country for “medical asylum”, we had our currency at above 500naira to a dollar. This was courtesy of irrational foreign exchange policies alongside gross imbalance between our monetary and fiscal policies, perpetuated by his leadership. Hence, recession became as though it was a cherished ideal for the average Nigerian and also a pathetic national lexicon. Today, courtesy of Mr. Professor’s rationality, the CBN, among other significant fellows of economic interest, reversed those policies with particular reference to foreign exchange, and we saw the Naira at less than 310naira to the dollar. If I must ask, are these not same persons who made naira resurrection in less than 50 days, not same fellows who killed it deeply and never minded thoughts of its resurrection in a year and half? This goes to show that there is problem in the Buhari’s philosophy which is retrogressive.

Recently, a Northern Nigerian with imbecilic hemorrhage made a position that Mr. Professor has done so well in his approach to governance because he is a southerner who now has the sympathetic cooperation of the South. He implied that Mr. Buhari had lots of distraction from the South which crumbled the economy. Taken aback by such a position, I must say that this is an utter mockery of the purported strength of Mr. Buhari. If he is implying that the Niger Deltans no longer blow up oil installations, I must quickly draw his attention to the historical fact that the Yoruba man is more hated by the man from the Niger Delta than the Hausa man, given the level of historical betrayal he has received from that tribe. As such, more oil installations should be blown at this time a man from that extraction is leading. Thus, the relative peace in the oil region seems a paradox. This shows that there is a consequential relationship between intellectualism, peace and progress. In essence, does it mean that Mr. Buhari’s intellectual competence should be questioned?

May we not forget, that for the first time since the leadership of the APC, we have had a break in transmission from the stations of those who sold the assumptions that the previous administration should be held responsible for our socioeconomic woes. The Lai lier has been tamed for an interim good. For the much I have heard Mr. Professor made a blame in relation to failed national situations, he went holistic, using terms that had him not exonerated from the failed structure. Only if he who went on Medical Asylum could learn…

With the whittled chant of “Sai Buhari” and the elevated sonorous sharps and flats of “Sai Prof”, I must sharply draw the attention of every Nigerian to the return falconer back to the falconry from his “medical asylum”. The key fact of being educated is the ability to unlearn. The President has that as an issue. He barely unlearns and that is principal for the lack of positive communication between him and members of his battalion. If Mr. President must sustain the gained successes of Mr. Professor then he must be teachable. It is clear that someone has a questionable intellectual aptitude.

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