Born into a religion

By Prince Agwu

A good number of persons who are anyway close to me understand my very liberal philosophies toward religion. Some express amazement that regardless of these liberal approaches, I still have immense respect for God and conform to his principles the best I can as a human (The Holy Spirit in me does most of such works). I have been confronted severally by people, with the question – “Sir, do you actually believe in God?” and so many other questions about my faith, which after responding, lives them in perplexed state. They ask these questions because I try not to go about muscling in the face of people that I am a child of God with all Christianized cliches and sermons… (funny enough, I once was a muscleler… A proud one but great learning taught me differently).

When Paul was before Felix and Agrippa, he maintained a position where he respected the faiths of these men but was very emphatic and convincing with the words he used to express the goodness and salvation of Jesus. Felix and Agrippa as erudite emperors respected the logic with which Paul used in expressing his convictions of his new found faith. Paul never muscled these men and through this methodology, the intellectual apostle won souls for the kingdom…

I have met people who will always make you feel you are in hell already. They make you feel God hates you and that you are never close to being called by Him (I wish I will meet them again). It is indeed of Him who shows mercy (hmmm). If Christ had this position while he was on earth, he would have been dead before he was 20 by mobbing…

Gentle men and ladies… the concept of religion is metaphysical and I say boldly that it is the prerogative of God to judge who is doing it rightly… For prior to Antioch’s experience we were all called by He who created us. Through Ishmael and Isaac we had different people who took to different cultures as further justified through Jacob and Esau… If I was born into Jacob’s family, I will act as one vis-à-vis that of Esau… We were born into our respective religions and we were trained in them. As we grow old, we began to intellectualize the trainings received. Some of these intellectualizations were constructive leading to the formation of better doctrines and teachings, while some were destructive leading to religious bigotry, fundamentalism and terrorism… (pathetic right?)

In lieu of the foregoing, no religion ever aimed at destruction but all were invented in search for a profound way to reach God except for those who preach “satanism” and seek to contradict the supremacy of the Most-high in Heaven. The destructive intellectualism became the problem as earlier pointed out. Thus, the religion is innocent but the destructive mindedness of the departed became a quagmire and led us into this state where we intrude God’s prerogative of passing judgement abysmally on our religions. Can’t you just serve this God in the realities of connecting with him in fellowship and take to peaceful patterns of expressing your beliefs? Making pejorative comments about the belief of another only shows how unintelligent you are in your own belief (deal with it)… “Every belief is an ideology and to win over another ideology, you must make superior arguments that respect the dignity of the other ideology”.

I will spare you the rhetoric today… But before I end, if you were born into that religion you castigate as pernicious, what would you have become?

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