By Prince Agwu

I must first appreciate the author for such controversial position which is an acceptable drift from the norm. As you all know, I am seen as having a surname of thoughtful controversies. I have been hated and loved at same time for such prowess. Thus, I am usually at eureka when I read controversial positions of which Clarkson’s article on the above mentioned title, apparently embodies. 

I must equally appreciate the author for presenting facts with which he used in consolidating his raised controversies. Though, they were largely biblical and profoundly religiously coated. It is this gap I hope to fill using this rejoinder piece.

In the human sciences as reflected through the works of Robert Collier – “Secret of Ages”, the human mind is categorically divided into three parts. 1) Conscious Mind. 2) Subconscious Mind and 3) Super-conscious Mind. I will give succinct explanations to these three levels and summarily close with how they interplay in guaranteeing academic success, among other successes.

The conscious mind is very little in capacity and has its point of elasticity. This is the reason why people break down prior to engaging perceived humongous brain tasks because they keep stuffing the conscious mind with information (call it excessive cramming). The subconscious mind is very large. It is unlimited. Scientifically, a great deal of what we know are stored in the subconscious mind. That is the reason why avid readers never run short of ideas because at any time they need an information, all they need do is to be calm and they will have some thoughts flowing from that subconscious realm into the conscious realm and then they scream – YES!!! Lastly, the super-conscious mind is exclusively metaphysical. It is beyond the control of human forces. Revelations are good instances. This is the point where one can rightly say – as inspired by the Holy Spirit. I remember a cover on Sir. Isaac Newton where he was asked about his secrets for his scientific breakthrough and he replied – “true religion”. This was he maintaining that Newton’s Law was not just a product of the first two consciousness but was greatly influenced by the last consciousness.

I must categorically state that success is a synthesis of the mentioned three consciousness. To benefit from this, you must learn the power of focused thoughts (this is where I agree with Clarkson). Graduating from the university with a 1st class degree was a product of these three consciousness. I remember some of my works which were largely outstanding as acknowledged. Most of them were never found in textbooks or on the internet. I got them divinely. The Holy Spirit reminded me. Hitherto, as an academic, I do lots of research studies and in a bid to bring about new knowledge you must go into some kind of realm that beats the demands of the conscious and subconscious memory. Severally, I have been so frustrated with known knowledge because they lack what I seek and I will quietly go to bed or go buy myself a drink (those who know me can attest that I am always solo with my thoughts drinking a drink anywhere sane). Thus, it was me relying on the super-conscious memory and oh yes!! the Holy Spirit reminded me. You can type my name via google and read some of my works.

Clarkson might be right with his perspective but I beg to differ. Have you ever wondered why Aristotle in his theory of ontology made that shocking statement – “there is someone who moves the world without him being moved”. He called that fellow the “unmovable mover”. In essence, the beingness of the world and all creation in it rely on some metaphysical direction that transcends human consciousness. If you wish to succeed academically and in other endeavours, learn apt usage of the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind (the secrets are based on focused thoughts, without such needed concentration, you might fail to realize the requested insight when it comes). I teach this everywhere I go as a Public Speaker.
Let me end this by quoting Ben Carson whose escapades confirm the synergy of the three consciousness. He said – “man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”. Think about it.

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