Conscious Thoughts

I have discovered something that is so real to making tangible achievements in life. It is in you… It is your thought. This is how it works:

Whatever venture, business, plans, skills, relationship and among others you wish to execute or have, just keep them consciously in your thought. Get radical with the thinking as though they are happening and begin to make “radical” steps to get them done. It might get so tough at some point, but always think again and do again. These stuffs are like a knife cutting down a tree. No tree would fall down after just a cut. You need as much cuts as you can cut. Keep cutting… I say keep flinging the knife into the tree. The time it falls is likened to that point all forces of nature would wake up to support and honor that doggedness of yours. It is like a magnet and you are the magnet, capable of attracting all metals both good and bad. But the positives in you would definitely scare away the negatives of failure and pity.

Can you just have a rugged and dogged zeal? Can you just understand how powerful the human mind is? Can you just understand that you are not far away from that victory? Just be rugged, dogged and untiring. You will get there… It’s a promise. But you must pay a price with “conscious thinking” and not mere imaginations. I bet you to have an environmental reaction to those positive thoughts of owning that company; making that best result; building that house; hosting that seminar; writing that book and becoming great. It starts with you… I mean the billions of cells in your brain… “put the head in the right direction and you will have the legs following with enormous and enthusiastic zeal”.

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