In consultation of wide texts and critical observation of pinnacle nations I must unequivocally assert that the difference between stable/relatively developed nations from unstable/relatively undeveloped ones, resides in the attitude of the citizenry. Every state is a product of the attitude of the people which comprises of the rulers and the ruled.

Alexis de Tocqueville in the study of the USA in the 1830s observed that its rapid development occurred because of the emphasis the government placed on the value systems, ethical structures and national morality of the individuals that make up the state. In this light, it is expected that the man in Georgia and the man in Alabama must be on same frequency and collectively pulling concerted efforts together for the common good of the state. Such persons, even when they get into government understand that there is a national mind structure that is greater and much respected than their individual biases and ethnic or religious affinity assertions. Therefore, any act of compromise is totally selfless and out of an undying love for the state. This is vivid in how Americans die for their state whilst the living never forget the traces of the dead afterward.

I understand that every nation has its challenges but when these challenges are consciously made by the people themselves, it takes only same people to bring about the remedy.

Racism in the American state was responsible for the reason why the USA never came to limelight as a world power early enough. The moment it was realised as their setback, they jointly fought it and brought about the harnessing of all human resources based on the content of their character as against the skin. The Lincoln’s Emancipation Declaration of 1863 and all other subsequent legislations explain better.

If we wish to overcome the Nigeria’s setback, we must realise that the people are the chief causes. The content of their minds are the mountainous problems we have. It is only going to take this same people in mutual concerted efforts with moralised governmental institutions and structures to effect this change we crave for. Not just the government is corrupt but the people.

Hyperbolically, the baby in the womb is corrupt because the mindset of the mother is devoid of national morality.  When the baby finally meets the world, socialisation brings out his inherent corrupt tendencies. In essence, we thus have a culture of corruption.

You can’t make an infected blood clean unless you drain it away, and refill. Let the Nigerian state, emulate China. They are more populated but they are today among pinnacle nations. National morality, values and norms were used in concert to bring all Chinese together, so that they can collectively work for the common good and interest of the state.

Societal cohesion is a predication for development. This is realisable only if we understand that national morality and national mind structure that supersedes our various biases and subjectivism, must be cultivated from the grassroots such that, the Aba and Potiskum man would operate on same frequency, having an understanding of the demands and expectations of the state on them, and working accordingly and in concordance to fulfill such demands and expectations.

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