Is Nigeria Rome?

Nigeria’s political system is an imagery of Brutus’s murder of Caesar and the hypnosis made on the people to believe Caesar’s death was for the good of Rome.

I beseech you to consider this. Brutus who was the murderer of Caesar came before the citizens of Rome, with the blood embellished dagger he used in killing Caesar. He further convinced the Romans that Caesar’s death was in the best interest of Rome while still holding the dagger, dripping blood. Paradoxically, the Romans believed and loved the killer as vivid in their chants –  “long live Brutus!!! long live Brutus!!!”.

On the other hand, Mark Anthony who saw at first hand, how these selfish ambitious men murdered Caesar had the opportunity to speak after Brutus. He turned the table, making Romans to believe how cowardly they look, having allowed a murderer who refused to at least hide his identity, fooling them to believe that a man that meant well for them was murdered for their common good (An indisputable truth must rise to erode a false truth). Of course you know what happened at the end.

Pragmatically, a lot of Nigerians are like Romans. The legion of naive and ill hearted political leaders are like Brutus. They hold before the eyes of Nigerians, the blood dripping dagger they use in killing them and their future. Yet, Nigerians have accepted such hypnosis and political terrorism which places them in perpetual obscurity from recognising that their killers are the ones whom they hail and chant praises for.

Oh!!!! Whence come another Mark Anthony to refute Brutus’s claims and salvage Nigerians today and the ones in posterity from the killers they praise?? The rhetorical answer is that we all have a Mark Anthony in us that would only come alive via accepting the impeccable truth and follow through the actions it prescribes. Brutus must be short-lived together with his false truth.

However, I have come to bury Caesar and not to praise him. A new Caesar would surface after we learn the lessons that laid the former to rest. I love you all and thank you.


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