It Only Seems (A rejoinder to the euphoria)…

By Prince Agwu

I must commend the extemporaneous presentation of President Trump. This has been a hallmark of excellence for me and it’s increasingly becoming cultural to America’s Presidency. I have spent great deal of time listening to the syntax and semantics of Mr. Trump’s inauguration speech and I’m forced to say that his speech comes with lot of ambiguities that clinical examination will prove its de-emphasis of the people rather than the claimed people attuned.

Mr. Trump represents the ideology of a party founded on social and economic fiscal measures which implies conservatism. This is parallel to social progressivism and liberal ideologies that are symbolic of Democrats. The ideologies of the average Republican were captured in Trump’s presentation which makes him not any a governing saint or messiah just as Nigerians anticipated the APC. Trump’s presentation was berating to previous administrations which is synonymous to the constant jibe the APC led government came into limelight and sustains hitherto. This apparently we know is a key reason for their constant waterloo.

Trump’s major mistake which will hunt him in future was the way he presented himself as a messiah of his self painted failing America. He largely implied that past administrations absolutely did nothing to save America’s dream and a celestial and correctionist Trump has arrived to remedy the anomaly. I’m afraid to say that Trump might have just blown up his chances of succeeding in government. Berating efforts of your predecessors who in no small measure contributed in developing and sustaining the corporate existence of a structure comes with karma and gross ineptitude, regardless of expertise.

A major indicator of Trump’s failure in sustaining a family was evident when he never mentioned his wife or family all through the inauguration speech. How can a man who wishes to make a people great, stay oblivious of contributing efforts of his family all through such landmark speech? This is absolutely unmanly, uncultural and unprincipled of Mr. Trump who seems to not have been schooled on the metaphysical nexus of a home and labour productivity.

It is pathetic on the parts of Pentecostal extremists and those who exercise Christianity fundamentalism to purport that Trump’s mentioning of “God” is akin to his moral credentials. They feel God has left America and Trump’s moral credentials by mentioning God’s help becomes the return of God to America. This is very shallow and negates sophisticated intellectualism that characterizes the 21st century. You can always read my article on Obama’s Gayism here and understand reasons why he was ideologically tied to making that approval. If Trump reviews the approval and succeeds through the rigorous process in making such revision, it makes him not an inch moral or even closer to God than any of us, including Barack Obama.

While I watched the inauguration ceremony, I had my eyes gazing at Paul Ryan. He is a potential President who will hybrid the philosophies of Democrats and Republicans. It is only on that note the dreams of the average American can be achieved. Also know that Trump’s America for Americans will weaken America’s hegemony at the centre of international politics, which becomes a panacea to our world’s structural mediocrity and particularly, Africa.

Quote me, if America fails, the creativity of the world will be more lucid.

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