By Prince Agwu

If you are white or an aficionado to white culture, do hear me… Your Clergies would never tell you this. I have been given to solace and loneliness for most part of my adult life which has influenced my metaphysical relational attitude. I dare say that Jesus is “black”.

1. If Jesus isn’t black he would not have been persecuted the way he was, especially by the Pharisees.

2. The racist Pharisees never accepted Christ because he was Black and thus, treated him with so much disdain. If he – Christ is white, he would have been relatively accepted in his time, at least for the benefits of his complexion.

3. The superiority displayed by the Pharisees is resident in Caucasians and the dogged humility and wisdom displayed by Christ is a mark of the Black race.

4. Due to the ever superior claims of the Pharisees and likes, they never believed that a Black man in the person of Jesus Christ could come up with a better, perfect intellectual and spirit driven message than theirs. This occasioned his persecution.

5. At the demise of Christ, his works showed a class of metaphysical and epistemological intelligence and reality that never was in existence. By such discoveries, the white man who is a specialist of claiming the best, hurriedly made a painting of a white Jesus which is a falsification of his original complexion.

6. Christ was born in a non-caucasian area which has a black genealogy. That confirms his descent. It was in Bethlehem so close to Egypt around Heliopolis and Baalbek which are areas around the upper part of the Map of Africa that he was born and equally hidden from assassination.

7. In world history, two major antecedents to discrimination are economic and racial status. Christ was born to a renowned Carpenter who earned a decent living. On such ground, he had economic protection against discrimination. What else would have brought the discrimination he faced if not his racial status?

8. In Caucasian history, jobs like carpentry was provisionally left for negroes while those with full professional status where “white collar”. If Joseph was a carpenter, does that not infer that Jesus Christ is a negro? Malcolm’s teacher told him to be a carpenter as against an attorney because he is black.

9. The disciples of Christ were not just persecuted for the gospel they preached. More to that was the fact that they had an association with a black man who had a better message.

10. The Jews who much later discovered such truth in white domination after they removed the “y” in the original name of Christ and replaced it with “j”, became victims of antisemitism because they were seen as accomplice to black heritage.

Enough of the foolhardy. Jesus Christ is “black” … He is a negro. I implore indigenous black artists and painters to correctly redraw the painting history and put forward a plethora of our Lord in his real complexion which is “impeccably black”.

I know people would say that the complexion of who we worship does not matter but our existence as individuals is made or marred by our identity. If I worship a falsified identity, what then confirms the veracity of all other elements involved in the culture of the worshipped? If I don’t establish my identity while I am alive, what is the guarantee that generations to come would not meet total subjugation?

The black race is defeated today because it went ahead scrambling to gain institutions but left the “main” enclosed within “cultural symbols” and “psychological conquests”. This is an error waiting for intellectual remedies.

Thank you…

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