Keeping The Law of Attraction

Still keeping the “law of attraction” in view, relate with these instances:

I had this wallet which was stolen in Port-Harcourt. The wallet was so dear to me because of its largeness and thickness of leather. Hence, I resolved to buy exactly same that was stolen. On several occasions, I searched for that exact kind of wallet but to no avail. Still with that consciousness, I travelled to Jalingo for the mandatory NYSC scheme. Surprisingly, right in front of the house I stayed, a wallet seller brought exactly same kind of that very stolen wallet, which I happily purchased.

Secondly, I have a friend who made 1st Class from his University. He had a culture of grading himself at the beginning of every semester, which he would paste on his room’s wall. He kept on with this and discovered that his grades came as he had them pasted in his house. For every “A” “B” or “C” on his room’s wall, so he had them when results are published, regardless of the intensity of his efforts. He started making avalanche of As the moment he jettisoned Bs and Cs far from his consciousness and his own wall. However, he was hardworking.

Finally, I read of a true story of a man who had a board filled with pictures of things he wanted. He made that board a treasure. He at a time made a picture-cut of a house he intended to live with his family. Years later, the man looked at his board and saw that the house he currently lived in was exactly same with the picture-cut he made during his struggling times. He broke down in tears realising the effects of his foolish positions as considered by his friends. However, he was hardworking.

The most powerful instrument of progress and prosperity in this world is the positivity of the human mind; it is the law of attraction and it is saying –  “constantly keep me in your consciousness; constantly need me and you must have me”. So, imagine how much bad you have been attracting, when you just concentrate on those bad, depressed and guilt filled thoughts (feelings that don’t feel good…). You can be happy and you can be rich. You can have all you wish to have, only if you will focus on those things you want against those you don’t want.

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