WINSTON CHURCHILL: A defined leader

So many might not be aware of the events that brought Sir. Winston Churchill into Prime Ministerial position for Britain. I find it interesting that we know and possibly get challenged to make rights steps regarding the leadership of our nation.

During the heat of the World War of 1939 –  1945, the whole of Britain and its allies were under great threat from Hitler’s Germany. The dearth of fearless leadership was a major setback to Britain as it lacked quality leadership credentials and not arms and ammunition to confront Nazist Hitler. It was obvious that the leadership of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was far from fetching victory for Britain and consequently restoring world peace. This led to his resignation in 1940 and supposedly should have Halifax in succession,  who was then in charge of British foreign affairs.

Britain considered Halifax as not an option given the war situation. Thus, they were in search for one who had a track record of courage and fearlessness. It was therefore on this note that Winston was called to take Britain to victory through a consensus of no electoral processes. Winston along side all allies of the triple entente brought Hitler to defeat and relatively restored world peace. His famous 1940 statement climaxes his courage to gain victory – “I have nothing to offer but blood, tears, toil and sweat”.

It will shock you to know that when Winston was in High School, history made us to know that he once told a mate of his that a time would come when world peace would be threatened and with Britain the worst hit. He further said that he – Winston, would be at the front to remedy the situation himself (Self belief = Self fulfilling prophecy). It is in regards to the above that Winston consciously built a reputation of courage and fearlessness and succeeded in becoming one of the greatest leaders in world history. It is baffling that Gen. Dwight Eisenhower of the United States literally paid more respect to Winston than Roosevelt as vivid in his constant closeness with the two time Prime Minister up even till death.

Finally, the situation of a nation in all ramification should be the demanding power and radar for its choice of leadership. History is an antidote to present and future anomalies of a nation. I believe the Nigeria’s case is a show of lack of pol-historical orientation and political wisdom among the citizenry.


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