Oh! little Bhutan

I believe just very few persons must have heard about the nation called Bhutan. Yea…until recently, I came to learn about them and I’ve been doing good readings about this nation. My fascination here is that Bhutan is a Buddhist nation and obviously the “happiest” nation in the world with the world’s happiest people (this questions Christianity and Islam and all of their unnecessary fundamentalism). Reason why I remain critical of religion with particular reference to the majors and their attendant destructive consequences.

This is the only nation in the world that has a statistical benchmark called “Gross National Happiness”. It ensures a side by side development of materialism and spiritualism which is geared toward maintaining the happiness structure of the State. Guess what… Per Capita Income in this nation is above $2500 and if you use our exchange rate here in Nigeria you can tell better. The mainstay of the economy are exportation of hydroelectricity to India, tourism and agriculture. The hydroelectricity generation of Bhutan, with a population below 700,000, is at about 30,000MW. Bhutan is respectfully referred to as “the land of the thunder dragon”. It runs constitutional monarchy and the King (President) is just 36, having ruled for 8 years.

I just found a nation for my future vacations…

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