The battle of religions: An academic insight like never before at UNN

The supremacy of religions have dominated discourses around the globe, both formally and informally. The tendencies to say a religion is better than the other would always manifest, especially, within the African continent where competing colonial interests that came with several religious practices have affected the indigenous religious practice of the people (African Traditional Religion [ATR]). In this event billed for 21st August, 2019, Professor Chibueze Udeani of the Julius-Maximilian University, Wurzburg, Germany would speak on “Religion: The core African Epidemic of the 21st Century”. Professor Chibueze will set the ball rolling for a dialogue of religions that will involve the following representatives:

Prof. Njoku, F – He will argue in support for the Catholic faith

Prof. Opata, D – He will argue in support for the ATR

Dr. Ugwu, C – He will argue in support for the Atheist faith

Mr. Ezeocha, J – He will argue in support for Pentecostalism

We hope to have a convergence of these faiths, and where we don’t, we allow space for future arguments. Participants would be free to join in the conversation. You can see below for the flier.

Venue: Princess Alexandria Auditorium (PAA)

Date: Wednesday, 21st August 2019

Time: 10am


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Prof. Uzoma Okoye O.



Acknowledgment: This dialogue is a part of a CODESRIA sponsored activity for African diaspora Professors of which Professor Udeani is one of twelve.

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