This would certainly be one of my finest works in history on the bases of truth and ethics. The best show of appreciation you would offer after reading, is to handover to me a copy of “The Measure of a Man” by Sidney Poitier. President Buhari and Col. Sambo Dasuki should also have access to that piece. They are victims of no manly measurement.

Every ill in our society can be diagnosed properly once its focal region is lucidly discovered. The case(s) surrounding the $2.2b arms deal saga points at terrorism in the North-East. Hence, obvious facts on the Boko-Haram menace would offer better justification for the unjustly shared $2.2b. Please I humbly crave your patience to follow through without selective comprehension.

The Dasuki’s billion dollar fraud is a slap on the integrity of our nation. The implications it has generated and the mode of handling is largely more of a slap on our integrity as a democratic state governed by a constitution. However, he who comes to equity must do so with clean hands or filthy hands with a clear conscience. All parties involved in this saga are with filthy hands and unclear conscience. Thus, the slaps might be germane for the creation of insulators against future slaps.

Mr. Buhari has consistently asserted that the previous government made no purchase of arms and as such had many of the soldiers going to a suicidal battle front with the terrorists. This apparently is his vex as to why the $2.2b was misappropriated. I vehemently, with all respect would say to Mr. President that his vex is apparently a feigned one because in November 2015, 105 or more soldiers got missing while in combat with BH and politics with the lives of these men became the order of the day. More so, Mr. President popularly told the world that the past administration were annihilating his people in the North-East, which drew international sympathy and led to the embargo that disrupted the then counter-terrorism. This should lead to the question – with which arms were the people of Mr. President being killed? Yet, the army was under-equipped and Mr President is angry.

The $2.2b came from the recovered loots of Abacha who Mr. President served under at a time and maintained that He –  Abacha was a clean man. I came to discover that not all money within the vote of the ONSA (Office of the National Security Adviser) is used for the purchase of arms. Other areas needing funds from the office include: training, special interventions, hiring of mercenaries, espionage, NGO’s mobilisation, soft approach/advocacy visits (Yakassai would explain better) and among others. In essence, $2.2b might not totally meet all of the highlighted and more. But we must ask ourselves, was the purpose for which this money was set up for accomplished?

I understand the fraud involved because of those who lack the measure of manliness but that does not negate truism. Before the elections of 2015, 22 LGAs in the hotbed of insurgence (Borno)  were liberated with Sambisa forest receiving military bombardments. I resided in the North at that time. Between February and March/April of that year, victory was the song. Elections came peacefully and there was a transition without bombing disruptions. Surprisingly, Femi Adesina who is now a spokesperson of Mr. President published on May 1, 2015 “A little late but not too late” (You can read up). Thus, what has now happened to some “misguided brothers” once defeated and not “technically defeated”? And Mr. President is vexed that they were not given arms to fight.

On August 6, 2015 the Public Relations of the military announced ownership of major military paraphernalia ranging from Alpha Jets, MRAP vehicles (not 24 second handed), Armoured Personnel Carriers, T72 Battle Tanks and among others. These were not manufactured rather they were bought. And Mr. President is vexed that they fought without weapons.

Why do we have lack of intelligence, more military deaths and more bombings even after the Defence Head Quarters is now located at the heart of insurgence? This shows either sympathy to the “misguided brothers” or a lack of sustenance of tempo that reclaimed 22 LGAs before the elections. If there was actually no weapon to fight, why should Mr President submit a supplementary budget to pay subsidy and not to equip the under-equipped military? And they are in jail because Mr. President is vexed that they misappropriated money for arms.

Oh yes!!! I concur that the $2.2b is fraudulent but the vexation stance of Mr. President on the said misappropriation is apparently false because actions and words are parallel. It is now imperative that the citizens should be aware of the reasons why Col. Sambo Dasuki and a host of others are still being maliciously jailed even after court orders negate such. “Filthy hands and unclear conscience”, proving equity a sinner.

Suffice the assertion that all parties involved lost their measure of a man… Sidney Poitier must be made aware because The Measure of a Man must be regained.

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