The Failing Forward of a Nigeria: On values

I have always talked about national morality that emanates from a purposive national minded sustained orientation as an antidote to corruption. I will cite an instance that confirms Alexis de Tocqueville’s study of the United States which exposes that national shared values is an inevitable requisite for unprecedented national development.

In 1812, the British in a bid to sustain America as their colony, mounted a large scale war on the USA. Washington DC, the White House and most prominent American sights were all brought to debris. On getting to Chesapeake, the British soldiers met with General Armistead, who was leading the frontiers of American troops at the sailing side of Fort McHenry.

There was a beautiful sight of the American flag flying gloriously in the air and standing as a symbol of America’s bastion and tenacity of national affection. The British Admiral sounded that before dusk, the flag should be brought down else they will all face their fate in meeting destruction. Not to the surprise of posterity, that flag was never attempted a centimetre lower.

At dusk, the British troop bombarded the American soldiers with all kind of military might which lasted till dawn. At the end of the purposed annihilation, that flag was torn and tattered but was never down, as it was still dancing gloriously in the air. The American soldiers took turns to hold on to the flag and its stand from the base just to ensure an unwavering nation’s liftedness over the personal interests of its citizens and over its aggressors.

That feat turned around the war in victory for America, as they did not only consolidate their independence but in years to come, became the most powerful nation on the earth’s surface. History puts that legion number of soldiers lost their lives at the base of that flag.

Trust me, a nation’s army or its citizens can only take to such sacrifice if impeccable national morality and affectionate values rule over that of subcultures and individualism. On the contrary, Nigeria is so far from this.

It’s a pity that we are in a nation of ours as aliens. It’s much pitiable that this nation still pleads its citizens to be patriotic. Whereas, patriotism should be a natural response to one’s nation and all of its cause it pursues. It grows and is equally being sustained in tandem with the physiological growth of a person that develops within the ambiance of national concern, care and consciousness. Our nation needs beyond the jargons. It needs beyond a mere campaign slogan. It apparently needs a people of national morality and unadulterated affection to create moral and nationally affectionate institutions for growth and development to thrive.

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