Nigeria is an inherently corrupt nation and totally devoid of national morality. We have a “culture of corruption”  that has eaten deep into the fabrics of this nation and thus, is being inherited by generations. Pinnacle nations arrived at such status save to: (a) National education with purpose (b) Shared values across minds of citizenry capable of building national morality and national cohesion.

To remedy the failing state of this nation, consider the following measures:

(1) Our educational curriculum should be reviewed such that, the vision, goals, philosophies and values of our nation would be clearly and sacredly communicated to students repeatedly at all educational levels.

(2) The national anthem should be recomposed to accommodate major indigenous languages. It should also be a course under General Studies at secondary and tertiary levels where the words of the total lyrics would be explained and justified ineptly.

(3) Every religious group must sing the national anthem at every meeting for a constant reminder of the Nigeria’s representation.

(4) Not less than two courses in our universities should be targeted at lucidly teaching our national symbols and their representations. Such courses must be handled by national morally minded fellows.

(5) National Orientation Colleges should be built in all 774 LGAs of the Federation and manned by the National Orientation Agency, Social Workers, Political Scientists and significant bodies and professionals. It must be made compulsory that students of High Schools, must attend these colleges at the long breaks of SS1 getting into SS2 and SS2 getting into SS3. It must be a prerequisite to be qualified into Higher learning. The colleges can also offer some remedial training to citizens who are incarcerated or found in wrongful deeds.

(6) A Public Complaint Commission or Ombudsman must be at all 774 LGAs with headquarters at State and Federal levels . Citizens can go to these places to file their complaints and make contributions to governance. After which an aggregation would be made up till the Federal level and reflected in National Policy framework and governmental decisions.

(7) Pertinent national issues could be surveyed through a referendum. Our franchise must not only count during normative elections.

(8) The frivolities of independence celebration should stop. I recommend a two day celebration. The 1st day should be solely for national reflection. All religious bodies and families must be in sober reflection for the nation and follow a tradition of exclusively remembering falling national heroes; conforming to the dictates of our national symbols and communicate same to the younger ones. The 2nd day can then be for a mild celebration if really worthy, in the spirit of national solidarity.

(9) Elected and appointed public officers must during every independence day celebration account for their stewardship physically before the people.

(10) The media must at all times be in a spirit of national interest and national solidarity. They must be active vanguards of national rebranding and in that stead buoy activities that would stimulate building the man in the state capable of national morality at crescendo.

I believe that it is time we reset this nation or a total formatting even. It is a truism that our younger generation are even more perpetually corrupt than the older ones. In such pitiable state, 15 years from now, the foetus in the womb of a mother would be culturised in corruption even before conception.

Finally, let us learn from nations that are even more populous than us but enjoy the benefits of a national moralised and educated citizenry. Our institutions are innocent but the people are perniciously guilty and corrupt. We can never develop until these endemics are remedied.

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