The Law of Attraction

By Prince Agwu

There has never been anything so fascinating to me as the dictates of this law that has become a part of me. Previously, I gave instances as to how this law has worked out possibilities in acknowledged impossible situations.

Honestly, this law defies “average reasoning” and is a tool for enormous greatness. In succinct, the Law of Attraction establishes principles of the universe. It is best expressed in the holy book – “as a man thinks, so he becomes.” Friends, there is indeed a connection between your thoughts and the universe. If your thoughts can conform to the demands of the universe you will get anything you wish to have.

The universe has a principle of being lavish. The sands, stars, waters, leaves, clouds, rocks and among others, are all in excess. The lavishness of the universe keeps saying – “your wish is my command”, to humans who from creation had dominion over all things. Surprisingly, humans die and live in perpetual poverty in the midst of this lavishness.

By the Law of Attraction, the ehehwhole universe is a metal object with your thoughts a magnet. Thus, your thoughts attracts all both good and bad save to its content. Good thoughts attract good stuffs while negative, attracts its likes. If you can live in the consciousness of all riches you want; successes you wish to have and the exact level of happiness you need to have in this life, you will get them all.

Just hold all good stuffs strongly in your thought and start acting in concordance. Robert Collier said, “the shortest way to be prosperous, is to live prosperous and chase prosperity”. Get into the corridor of greatness and realise that no amount of money is far above your reach. “You must not be great to start; you just need to start to be great”…Remember, everyday comes with a parcel. All you need do is to untie the ribbon for that day having the Law of Attraction as a guide.

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