The Nigerian State Truth and Biafra

I promised to explain my position on the Biafran struggle. I will always stand for truth and reasoning on logical grounds regardless of what it entails. I crave your patience to please follow through these lines and thoughts of mine.

I respect Nigeria and have through my efforts and limited resources take up tasks to ensure that the possibility of a proud nation that would never plead for the patriotism of its citizens come to bear. I would never cease to do what I gladly do until I travel yonder. Nigeria is a great nation with great people.

The circumstances surrounding the relationship of the Biafran people (Nigerians) and the Nigerian State has none of us as neophyte to the plight. These circumstances seem no longer new to our knowledge but our understanding of them might still be in the dark. Indeed, it takes a great deal of study and quality observations to understand the features of the circumstanced relationship.

It is no doubt that the agitators for this new nation have been perpetually marginalised since the merger of the Nigerian amalgam. The colonial powers were the masterminds behind the pernicious acts and successfully handed over such dastard tradition to those that they consciously placed in power for the newly formed nation in 1959 cum 1960. Ever since then, the southern¬† subduction became a norm that climaxed in a genocide of 3.5 million Biafran territorial occupants during a war branded “civil”¬† and backed up with subsequent purposive impoverishing post war schemes.

It is a show of love that the survivors of the genocide and their subsequent generations moved for a reconciliation and opted to stay in the amalgam. Given their contributions to the socioeconomic and political development of the amalgam, it became obvious that they just needed a nation to live and die for whether they are in leadership or not. To their astonishment, they get back labellings, deprivation and all forms of sociopolitical terrorism in return. Which results we have today as an option to secede from a state that has betrayed their love.

If only there was a leader to draw a rainbow in the sky across Nigeria, the story would have been different. In the absence of such a leader, the citizens have undeniably taken to innate hatreds for one another which is strongly buoyed by its leaders; the structures they set and their resources. This has further deepened our fragility bringing us to a state of brokenness and a postulated disintegration.

Nonetheless, the good news is that our fragility has not gone beyond fixing. It can be fixed by just accepting the positions of the truth and working accordingly to its demands both on the path of the aggressors and the aggrieved. Apparently on both sides, there are truths that have been consciously and maliciously repressed. It is time to let these truths blossom for without them, the disabilities we face now would be permanent and the repercussions would be enormous for the now and for posterity to bear.

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