The Sacred Descent of Ishmael 

By Prince Agwu

As classical British parliamentarian once said, “the only necessary reason for evil to triumph is the laziness and lukewarmness of good men”. I write this article in hopes to make truth lucid, which should buoy affected and interested persons to put a stop to institutionalized subjugation in Nigeria. 

In apartheid South Africa, Umkhonto we Sizwe became the violent arm of the ANC for the purpose of violently challenging white supremacists, since the founding fathers of the revered pan-African organisation were lukewarm in the struggle for freedom. Currently in Nigeria, it is becoming apparent that there is a “tribal apartheid” and same violence is increasingly becoming normative in challenging such existing supremacy of Ishmael’s descent.

May I bring to your knowledge that if Brigadier Maimalari and his accomplices had succeeded in subjugating Western Nigeria during the 1965/1966 crisis in the region, its preponderant inhabitants would have today lost their identity just like our brethren in the middle belt. May be, a good number of them would have lost ties with Isaac for Ishmael. Thanks to God for their plans being foiled by perpetuators of the 1966 coup. Regardless, they who claim kindred with Ishmael have vowed not to let these ones be. They have not only killed them and their faith based neighbours for reactionary reasons, they have equally and still do so symbolically.

Does it not baffle us that for all killings perpetuated by this descent, none by record has been made to face the law either at home or at levels of international trial… The decimation of over 300 Igbo army officers and over 3.5 million Igbo during the 1966 through 1970 counter-coup and pogrom readily brings to mind the “innocency of Brutus”. Though backed by the imperialists for benefits of oil, it is pathetic that hitherto, Brutus keeps murdering Romans and seems to have endless innocency.

The resultant effect of the “counter-coup and 3-years uncivil war” is evident in the fact that the South and Middle-belt lay claim to countable kit and kin in the military and pitiably, a subconsciousness of servitude. It is no exaggeration to say that Nigeria has only succeeded in becoming a caliphate divided into three. One part of the three rules the caliphate, the other is an outright enemy of the caliphate and the last has been made an outright slave to those that rule the caliphate. The caliphate’s enemy became one because he has constantly but not successfully repudiated attempts to subjugating him to slavery. Thus, he is being hated by the rulers of the caliphate who became so through the barrels of guns. Trust me, if the West and East had synergized in that time, the script would have been rewritten. Sadly, while the faith of Isaac would never encourage such abysmal killings, that of Ishmael tends to encourage it in all respect. Yet, moral laws still find it difficult in rightly desecrating their acclaimed sacredness.

Recently, the descendants of Ishmael perpetuated high scale violence in Ile-Ife. A wife was badly beaten and when the husband went in defence of his wife, he too received same treatment and was feared dead. They went ahead in chopping off the head of an indigene which intensified the war. The Yoruba is one people who remain outright enemy to those who rule the caliphate. Hence, they defended themselves and their land. As expected, the caliphate lost souls on both ends of the rulers and enemies. Yet, at the intervention of significant persons, the enemies were asked to apologize to the acclaimed rulers, even when the acclaimed rulers were obviously responsible for the crisis.

The difference between Ile-Ife and similar crisis in the Middle-belt is that the latter tend to have accepted fate as slaves to the said rulers of the caliphate. While the former outrightly confronted these descendants of Ishmael, the latter would cry to Abuja in making hullabaloo protests to the kit and kin of their killers. Just as Mr. Buhari once said to his predecessor that “his people who are ‘killers of people’ are being killed”, Nigerians should ask Mr. Buhari – “why are his murderous people being kept alive in the face of killing those who elected him President?”.

It is true that the caliphate has lost its sense of humanness and moral justice. It is true that mathematically in the caliphate, the South remains a factor while the North a multiple. It is true that we are bereft of a formulae to get the equation balanced and even if we do, the existence of Brutus without a commensurate Mark Anthony has failed our hopes. Nevertheless, we must not give up  in challenging the statusquo. It’s time to pull down the caliphate and desecrate the sacredness of Ishmael…

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