It should be noted here that I remain cerebral in analysing our government because of my position as an average man who gets the heat when governance is faulty and the cool when it is blossoming.

The media chat was a great one and obviously was sincere. I commend Mr. Buhari for this. The quality of the questioners stands great. The résumé of Kayode Akintemi and Ibanga Isine obviously confirms erudition. Though I am aware that they actually were made to be uneasy save to Akintemi who displayed unwavering professionalism. However, they deserve to be applauded, including Ngozi and Dan Ali.

Summarily, the media chat focused on three basic issues necessary for our development as a nation. They are: Constitutional democracy, security and economy. It should be noted that in true democracy, leaders are held accountable to promises they make before coming into office on the platform of party manifestos (if it has actually not been substituted for propagandas in the Nigeria’s case).

The president must be commended for show of strength at 73 but should equally understand that great leaders first control their temperaments before the people. This was obvious in the trepidation created in that room that left moments of silence and several discontinued questions. Ibanga Isine of Premium Times was the worst hit. I wish he tells his story someday… Lol

The current Minister of Transport was indicted via a judicial investigative committee that saw the battles before his appointment. I wonder if Mr. President is not aware. I believe public opinion tells lot about corrupt public officers but that fundamental part of political process is yet to be respected in Nigeria. Let’s all wait when our nation would learn to respect plebiscites and referendums.

I permit the nature of age on why Mr. President could not say exactly the name of the body through which his assets were declared. The fact that he gave chronology of times he declared his assets was not so connecting to the issue that question sought to address. Nevertheless, that issue should be considered less in favour of bettering the lot of the average man.

Mr. Buhari peripatetics on the Chibok question was obvious not until Akintemi took a bold step to ask the “intelligence bomb”. For the first time Nigerians now know from one who promised to get those girls in days upon election, that there is no honest intelligence about their whereabouts. What then is the defence headquarters doing in Borno?

The G7 meeting on the bases of media reports has yielded nothing for Nigerians at least for now. Was Mr. President of the view that his discourse with them was just focused on rehabilitating terrorised North-East when the terrorists are being sympathised with? Some of you might have forgotten the proposed loan in the tune of some billion dollars after his US trip for that rehabilitation project. So why was there no report with overarching developmental hopes emanating from his meeting with the G7?

The President must be commended for his boldness in describing the Shia sect as dissidents beating the chest of generals. There has actually been no documented killings done by Shiites in comparison to Sunnis. But if you can remember, the Sunni Boko-Haram was referred to by Mr. Buhari as his “misguided brothers” in July. However, may the souls of the massacred Shiites rest in peace (Amen).

With the numerous killings and the most recent in Adamawa and Borno spearheaded by Hijab wearers, should Mr. President still be talking about consideration? Lagos state made such pronouncement to effect the ban on long hijabs and the NYSC recently took same step too. Mr. Buhari must understand that those killers should receive same audacity he gives to flout court orders, even though they are his misguided sisters.

Please I urge you all to go back to the budget presentation made. The President categorically said that there is an ongoing data collation of the poorest to receive the 5000# monthly social welfare package. But during the media chat, he debunked that, saying a referral would be made to the Ministry of Labour. Integrity of words should be the first feature of a leader who hates corruption.

Nigerians should commend Mr. President for his economical position. But it is baffling that for 8 months now, the government is yet to be convinced on economic policies, programmes and processes that should better the lot of the citizens save to controversial subsidy. The proposed ban on forex and its disadvantages have never gotten the president’s attention until last night. Who then does the CBN governor reports to and what are discussions made at the FEC meetings targeted at? I propose that ministries and related agencies should before budgetary allocations come up with its plans and policies on short, mid and long terms. These plans should receive an Open Working Group review just as the SDGs had under current Minister Amina Mohammed. Accountability can be ensured through such.

Who checks the Legislature? The Judiciary. This speaks volume. I choose to avoid it.

I once read that the Buhari’s administration would never favour cut down of minimum wage from 18000#. But the media chat showed Mr. President allowing autonomy to state governments to decide on that themselves. Imo state must be ready at that New year bonus now… Lol.

I expected Mr. President to for once avoid the blame game. He didn’t do so when he mentioned the lack of maintenance of refineries and oil installations which at a time after the inauguration claimed would be working and producing thousands of barrels of oil per day.

It’s now obvious Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu would rot in jail and no court injunction would ever prove them bailable. I have always eschewed the misguided Biafran struggle but it is quite derogatory and undemocratic to describe a people who under international law of self-determination, to be as less important when compared to the misguided Boko-Haram Brethren. Thus the killings of some of the peaceful protesters by the armed forces must definitely matter lesser. May their souls rest in peace (Amen).

Finally, I concur to the notion that the past government was so corrupt and the present is a saint. I apparently commend the media chat and I hope we proceed with four major documents from here (Campaign promises, inaugural speech, 2016 Budget presentation and Media Chat). In four years time we would call the scores. God bless Nigeria; God bless its people and God bless President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR)…

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