What the war they call “Civil” reminds us: In memory of the Biafran Heroes

By Prince Agwu

I wasn’t born in the time of the war, but through extensive studies, I have travelled events at that time. At one time, I was filled with hate for a contraption called a country, not until I spent a whole year in the Northeast of Nigeria. Today, I lay verifiable claims to friends and brothers of the North, and will never forget the “Kingly” treatment I enjoyed while living in their midst. Not to say that I never had my own share of man’s nature of evil in the north. I returned home, and I have been betrayed severally here. So, should I consider the betrayal from a brother differently from that of a stranger? (Smiles).

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Gentlemen and ladies of the human race, I accept that the East suffered in the hands of those we entrusted our social contract, and the over 3.5 million souls we lost in the war, including the millions of children who died of starvation remain fresh in our minds. I pen this in tears because the country we belong to and its global allies are yet to acknowledge that it was a genocide.

Notwithstanding, I am here to remind you that Nigeria is indeed a circumstance. Clearly, we share the same fate with the USSR that is today balkanized. Yet for reasons of colonial interests and domestic oligarchy we are forcefully considered a country. But a circumstance could still work if committedness becomes a virtue.

From the south to the north, we face a common enemy that has impoverished our circumstance, making us feel we have no hope left. A common enemy that romances us during the elections and spits venom into our eyes and souls thereafter. A common enemy that killed our grandfathers, our fathers, killing us, and making plans to kill our generations to come.

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Gentlemen and ladies of the human race, the Nigerian leadership is our common enemy. In each of them lies a dead soul that accepts vanity and anguish over prosperity and peace. In them lie dead souls ready to exchange us for a pittance and pecuniary benefits. In them lies the cause of our collective misfortunes, amidst deliberate negligence of the solutions. As we recall the memories of the war they call “Civil”, we must accept a closer war of weak and barbaric leadership across every corner in the Nigerian society. The souls we mourn earnestly desire victory against their killers, which clearly is the leadership of this country. It is time, indeed… It is time! that we face fearful odds, for the temples of the gods, and the ashes of our fathers. Surely, this is one task that must be done in less than a decade from now. And all I see is victory! because we are all involved!

Kind regards

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